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What is Thumbnail?

Nowadays Thumbnail is a very important part of YouTube Videos. You can make a good thumbnail from this tool.

You can see below thumbnail size in the different platform :

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Amazon using different sizes for different purposes. Amazon using thumbnails with a height of 200 pixels and width are using on the beginning page. The preview image on type pages is 150 pixels highest. YouTube Video Thumbnail size with resolution 1250*720 and width of 640 pixels.


When we thumbnail use?

As you know thumbnail is very important nowadays on the internet. Example: YouTube, or Google Image search. YouTube Thumbnail Download. If you have made a good YouTube Thumbnail, viewers attract to your video and click on your video.

 Thumbnails for GIFs

 As you know thumbnail images for GIF animation are so simpler. Since GIFs are only short clip video loops, text or other design elements are generally not there. These kinds of images work only with motionless thumbnails.

What is a good YouTube thumbnail?

 A good Thumbnail is an Attractive Thumbnail in which users click your video. YouTube Video thumbnails give any good or bad 1st impression. And thumbnails are a superb way to make people click or watching your video.


Huge Advantages of Best YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

 Improve video conversion rates:

 If the content is powerful and attracts your audience, chances are they will convert. Influencing your audience's interest in your content impacts your video conversion.

 Make the best use of your Video and Search Traffic

 During web searches, if your video has a good thumbnail, the result will not appear in plain text. This attracts the attention of viewers and teases them to watch the entire video.

 Viral your Content through Thumbnails

Thumbnails are like mini posters that speak a ton about your video and its content. People can immediately get an idea of ​​what your video is about and thus decide whether they should watch it or not.

 Keep Space with Thumbnails

Thumbnail images show a lot of information giving yet in a small space. You can show various media content in a small preview image and you can seduce the audience. And yes, you can say that thumbnails are like teasers that slowly open the main content. They are small pages that allow viewers to take control of the things they want to see.

Thumbnails are outstanding User Friendly

They can process quick and are fun to watch. Thumbnails reduce the effort for anyone by making them aware of the video content in advance. And thumbnails are not only relevant to the video. They can also be full used on websites.

Thumbnails boost Interactivity

The clickable option of a thumbnail makes it more attractive and entertaining. Anything interactive captivates the human psyche. This is exactly what happens when you include a thumbnail on your video.

Thumbnails show your Skills 

 Let your audience savor your skills in video marketing as well as making videos. The thumbnails you choose for your video give an idea of​​the concept, even if the pictures are small in size. The main motto is to attract the attention of the audience. Whatever will be different from the rest, will come to their notice.

 The very important – The Thumbnail Size

The majority accepts and the size is 1280 x 720 pixels. The clarity in the image yet at such a mini size. If the image is or cropped, it covers the most important piece, then all your efforts go in vain. The small width should be around 640 pixels and the recommended ratio is 16: 9. YouTube Thumbnail Download.

 Ensure that the greatest file size should not exceed 2MB. And all common file types accept as YouTube thumbnails,  JPG. GIF, BMP, or . PNG. YouTube Thumbnail Downloader.

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